What's new

New in the FoodChoices® software

The FoodChoices® software (formerly FoodWorks® Personal) has a fresh new look as well as updated features and data. For example, students can now:

  • Compare their nutrient results to the new Nutrient Reference Values released in 2006.
  • Use the latest Australian food data (AUSNUT 2007).
  • Search for foods high or low in a specified nutrient.
  • Work with the Nutrition Information Panel feature (previously purchased separately) as an integrated part of the software.

New teaching ideas

The FoodChoices® resource has:

  • 5 topical new student challenges, with new supporting student resource sheets:
    • ‘Contributing to the fast food debate‘
    • ‘Sustainable food futures‘
    • ‘Fast and fabulous‘
    • ‘Signature cookies‘
    • ‘Recipes for success‘
  • A full revision of all the existing 11 student challenges, and their student resource sheets.
    The review incorporated extensive feedback from teachers and changes to nutrition information, such as the NRVs.
    Student feedback was used to refine the design of the new-look full-colour student resource sheets.

New online delivery

The FoodChoices® resource is delivered via this new website with:

  • a secure area for teachers (with all the curriculum resources)
  • a public area for students (to download FoodChoices® for home use and for accessing the 'How to' resources)

The FoodChoices® resource has advantages of being online such as hyperlinks to different resource sheets and procedures. The student resource sheets are PDF fillable forms suitable for filling in online as well as for printing in colour or black and white for distribution in the classroom.