About the resource

The FoodChoices® Curriculum Resource augments and updates Food choices the IT way (1st Edition). Developed by Xyris Software in conjunction with the Home Economics Institute of Australia (HEIA), the FoodChoices® Curriculum Resource aims to encourage student to make healthy food choices.

What is the FoodChoices® Curriculum Resource?

The FoodChoices® resource is a practical tool for many aspects of food and nutrition education in secondary schools. The resource integrates the use of the FoodChoices® nutrient analysis software into fully worked-out student challenges, with corresponding student resource sheets for use in the classroom.

The resource is useful in these areas:

  • home economics
  • food technology
  • health
  • Science

Student challenges focus around activities related to:

  • dietary analysis
  • meal planning
  • food technology
  • consumer education

What‘s in the FoodChoices® Curriculum Resource?

An annual school subscription to the FoodChoices® resource comprises:

  • A school site license allowing your school to download and install the FoodChoices® software on as many computers as required.
    Students and teachers can also download a free copy of FoodChoices® for home use from the public area of the FoodChoices® website.
  • Access for teachers to the secure curriculum resource area of this website containing:
    • 16 student challenges (5 new and 11 fully revised)
    • 69 supporting student resource sheets (PDF fillable forms)
    • Introductory information about the FoodChoices® software

Other resources - ‘How To’ procedures and exercises

Students (and teachers) can access self-paced, ‘How To‘ procedures and exercises for using the FoodChoices® software from the public area of the FoodChoices® website.

What teachers are saying

I was hoping you could meet with our group to primarily demonstrate the fantastic Foodchoices program. I recently subscribed to FoodChoices and absolutely love the more user friendly nature of the program and the fact that the students can now download it and utilize it at home which saves so much time and hassle when trying to access and book computer rooms.
Anita Vine-Brown, Rosewood State High School



HEIA has been delighted to work with Xyris Software on this resource.

HEIA‘s role has been to write the curriculum components in consultation with practising teachers and curriculum officers across Australia.

Many of those consulted have used the first edition ‘Food choices the IT way‘ for years. This experience , along with their knowledge of the demands of the contemporary curriculum, means they have been able to add considerable value to the resource.

Students have also provided input resulting in the colourful new designs — how quickly we found out that adult ideas are so different to student ideas!

We look forward to providing reviews on the new resource in 2009. Early feedback indicates they will be just as positive as for the first edition.


Praise for the first edition

As a practising home economics teacher with a passion for IT and a desire to assist students make wise food choices, this is one of the most exciting resources I have seen.

Review of 1st edition

By: Miriam McDonald, From: Journal of Home Economics Institute of Australia, Vol 8, No 3, 2001