FoodChoices® is provided as free software for individuals for personal, noncommercial use. Individual technical support is not available.

Support is available for subscribing organisations. Details are on the subscriber site.

Frequently asked questions

I have downloaded FoodChoices® – how do I start the program?

Did you choose Run or Save when downloading? If you chose Save then you need to go to the file called Foodchoices2009Setup.msi that you have saved, right click on the file and choose Install. Follow the steps to install FoodChoices and then start the program by going Start, Programs (or All Programs) and clicking FoodChoices 2009. Note – it may be at the very bottom of your list of programs.

Can I run FoodChoices® on a Mac computer?

There is no Mac version of FoodWorks® but you can install software that will allow you to run PC programs on your Mac computer. Three options you can investigate are:

Why are some nutrient values in the Analysis pane shown in red (for example, Protein >64 g)?

The > (greater than) symbol and red numbers are letting you know that there is a missing value in your data. For example you might have created a new food and not entered a value or a zero for each nutrient.

If all nutrients appear in red, check that a quantity and measure have been included for every food item listed.

Otherwise, to find the missing value follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Foods tab.
  2. Point the cursor at the nutrient name in the Analysis pane, in this case the word Protein.
  3. Give a single LEFT click of the mouse. This should open a vertical column headed ‘Protein‘.
  4. Look down this column for the food or foods that have a question mark.
  5. Right click on the food name, choose Open (you may be prompted to save your data). The food with the missing value should now be open.
  6. Click on the Nutrients tab and look down the Value column for a missing value.
  7. Enter a value or a zero for that nutrient.
  8. Press Tab to move out of that field.
  9. Click Save on the Toolbar.
  10. Click the Back arrow button to return to the document you are working on.
  11. Repeat the above until you have no question marks in that column.

How do I print out data on a select set of nutrients?

  1. At the top of the Analysis pane click the down arrow and choose Profile.
  2. Select the nutrients you wish to display and print by right clicking in the area containing nutrient names.
  3. Choose Edit Profile and tick in the boxes to select nutrients.
  4. Click OK.
  5. To print data containing only the nutrients selected click File, Print, select the sections you wish to print and select Nutrients in Current Profile.
  6. Click OK.

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