Making changes to a document—Procedure 9

The following steps explain how you can change the foods in a food diary, meal plan or recipe. You may wish to do this to see the effects of changes to a person‘s food intake, meal plan or a recipe.

Follow these steps when completing Exercise 9A and/or 9B.

  1. To start
    1. If you do not have FoodChoices® running, in the lower left corner of your screen, click Start, click All Programs, and click FoodChoices 2009.
    2. Open the food diary, meal plan or recipe to be changed. To do this, click on the folder in the Navigation Pane that contains the food diary, meal plan or recipe. The documents appear in the lower part of the Navigation Pane. Click on the chosen food diary, meal plan or recipe. For example, you could use ‘Abey’s food diary’ from the ‘Samples’ folder or ‘Baked Stuffed Potatoes’ from the ‘Samples’ folder.
    3. If making changes to a food diary or meal plan, click the Foods tab in the open document (just under the name of the document).
    4. If making changes to a recipe, click the Ingredients tab in the open document (just under the name of the document).
  2. To save the food diary, meal plan or recipe under a different name
    1. On the File menu, click Save As.
    2. Enter a new name—for example, add a date to the previous name.
  3. To make changes
    1. To delete a food, click on the row containing the food by clicking on the relevant selector button on the far left of the open document, and then press Delete on the keyboard. Alternatively you could change the quantity of the food to zero (this option is good if you change your mind, as then you only have to re-enter a quantity).
    2. To change a quantity of one of the foods, click on the quantity already entered and type a new quantity. You will need to confirm the measure (ml, cup, etc).
    3. To add a new food, first insert a row into the relevant part of the entry. To do this, click in the row below where you want to insert it, click the Edit menu (top left of screen), and then click Insert. A blank row will appear to allow you to enter the new food.
    4. To change the cooking method, delete the food and add the food as a new item – for example, delete Chicken, fried and replace with Chicken, baked.
    5. Repeat as necessary.
  4. To save
    Click Save on the Toolbar.
  5. To view analyses and graphs
    See Procedures 2 or 6.
  6. To print out the results

    See Procedure 8.

Tip for making changes to a document

If you wish to see the effect of each change, compare results by clicking between the original document and the revised version.