Entering a recipe—Exercise 4

Aim: To develop and demonstrate skill in entering recipe data in the FoodChoices® database.

Follow the steps in Procedure 4 to complete this exercise to add the recipe for ‘Mum‘s Muffins‘ to the database:

Mum‘s Muffins (makes 12)

1 cup (140 g) wholemeal wheat flour
1 cup (150 g) wholemeal wheat self-raising flour
125 g brown sugar
60 g pecan nuts
2 eggs (medium)
150 ml vegetable oil (e.g. sunflower)
1 mashed banana (medium)
150 g grated carrot
150 g grated zucchini

  1. To start

    Start FoodChoices®.

  2. Create a new recipe document.

    Create a new recipe document called ‘Mum’s Muffins’ and save the recipe in a new folder called ‘Mum’s Recipes’.  

  3. Enter the ingredients listed above.
  4. Enter the number of serves that the recipe makes.
  5. Save the recipe.

What did your entry look like?

Compare your entry with the following for the nutrients in one serve of ‘Mum’s Muffins’:


All Components analysis of one serve of ‘Mum’s Muffins’

Self-evaluation: How did you go?

Not very good   First class

If your entry looks like the one above, congratulations.

If not, see if you can identify why they are different. Discuss the matter with your teacher if you cannot see why there is a difference. If some foods are slightly different, it may be that an updated data source has been installed.


Reminders for next time

Make notes of anything that will help you next time you enter a recipe in the database.