Entering a food diary—Exercise 1

Aim: To develop and demonstrate skill in entering a food diary into FoodChoices®.

Follow the steps in Procedure 1 to complete this exercise.

  1. To start

    Start FoodChoices®.

  2. Create a new food diary or meal plan.
    1. On the File menu, point to New and then click on Food Diary. Click on the General tab.

    2. In the Name box, enter Fred for the name of the person for whom the food diary is being made.
    3. Enter personal details for Fred—a male aged 14 years, weight 60 kg, height 165 cm and light activity.
  3. Enter the foods.

    Click on the Foods tab and enter the following foods into Fred's food diary for Monday.


    4 Weet-bix (regular) with 4 teaspoons sugar and 1 cup whole milk

    2 regular slices of white toast with

    2 teaspoons polyunsaturated margarine and 2 teaspoons Vegemite

    1 glass (cup) orange juice

    Before school


    First break

    1 chocolate flavoured milk—250 ml

    1 pizza slice (150 g)—home prepared, cheese and tomato, thick crust

    Second break

    1 bottle water—375 ml

    1 peanut butter sandwich —regular, white bread, 2 teaspoons peanut butter

    1 medium green apple, unpeeled

    Afternoon tea

    1 glass blackcurrant cordial—250 ml

    2 plain biscuits, homemade


    1 slice homemade meat lasagne

    2 medium slices garlic bread

    2 scoops ice-cream

    After dinner

    1 cup Milo made from whole milk with 1 tablespoon Milo and 1 teaspoon white sugar

    Other snacks 1 mini Mars bar 23 g

  4. Save the food diary.

    Save as 'Fred's food diary' in the 'Documents' folder.

What did your entry look like?

Compare your entry with the following:

Exercise1-Screen 11

All Components analysis


EER, EAR, UL, AI analyses

Tip—Question marks in analyses

Did question marks appear in your Analysis Pane? In order to investigate question marks that appear in the Analysis Pane:

  • Click the Foods/Ingredients tab, then in the Analysis Pane, click the nutrient showing a question mark. A column appears on the far right of the Foods/Ingredients grid showing values for this nutrient.
  • If all foods have a question mark for this nutrient, this might indicate that there are no data for this nutrient.
  • If one or several foods have a question mark, then the data for this nutrient in this particular food or foods are not available.

Self-evaluation: How did you go?

Not very good   First class

If your entries look like those above, congratulations.

If not, see if you can identify why they are different. Discuss the matter with your teacher if you cannot see why there is a difference. If some foods are slightly different, it may be that an updated list of foods has been installed.


Reminders for next time

Make notes of anything that will help you next time you enter a food diary.