Designing and printing a nutrition information panel—Exercise 11

Aim: To develop and demonstrate skill in designing and printing a nutrition information panel.

Follow the steps in Procedure 11 to complete this exercise.

As you work, compare your screens with those presented here.

  1. To start
    1. Start FoodChoices®.
    2. Open the recipe for ’Baked Stuffed Potatoes’ in the ’Samples’ folder.
    3. Enter one serve per pack into the recipe.
  2. View the label

    View the screen view (which shows how your label looks when printed) and the more compact screen view.

  3. Set the basic label properties as follows:
    1. Rename the label to: My favourite potato.
    2. Add a description: This potato is so easy to prepare.
    3. Add a serve description 1 large.
  4. Set the advanced label properties as follows:
    1. Set the font for the label to be Times New Roman, 12 point, italics
    2. Set the case for the name of the recipe to be capital letters for the first letter of each word only
    3. Set the label so that calories are not shown
  5. Print the label
  6. Open your label in Microsoft Word and edit as follows:
    1. Change the font of the title to 16 point font size, and the remainder of the label to 11 point font size.
    2. Edit the title to be in a colour other than black, and the columns of nutrient information to be in another colour.
    3. Add an image (e.g. from Clipart) next to the title of the panel.
    4. Print your label.

What did your labels look like?

Compare your labels with the following:


Self-evaluation: How did you go?

Not very good   First class

If your results look similar to those above, congratulations.

If not, see if you can identify why they are different. Discuss the matter with your teacher if you cannot see why there is a difference.


Reminders for next time

Make notes of anything that will help you next time you design and print a nutrition information panel.