Querying foods (finding foods that are high or low in a nutrient)—Exercise 10

Aim: To develop and demonstrate skill in identifying foods high or low in a nutrient.

Follow the steps in Procedure 10 to complete this exercise.

As you work, compare your screens with those presented here.

  1. To start
    1. Start FoodChoices®.
    2. Open the Query Foods window.
  2. View the zinc content of all the foods in the database.
  3. Rank these foods from highest to lowest per 100 g of the food.
  4. Identify the three foods richest in zinc per 100 g of the food:

  5. Scroll down the list of foods and identify which types of food (meat, bread, fruit, etc) are rich in zinc.
  6. Refine your search so that only fruit yoghurts are shown in the Results Pane.
  7. Rank order the fruit yoghurts from highest to lowest per 100 g for saturated fat, and list the three fruit yoghurts lowest in saturated fat.

What did your Results Panes look like?

Compare your Results Panes with the following:

Exercise 10

Foods listed according to zinc per 100 g

Exercise 10

Fruit yoghurts listed according to saturated fat per 100 g

Self-evaluation: How did you go?

Not very good   First class

If your results look like those above, congratulations.

If not, see if you can identify why they are different. Discuss the matter with your teacher if you cannot see why there is a difference.


Reminders for next time

Make notes of anything that will help you next time you examine analyses of a recipe.