About FoodChoices®

FoodChoices® is nutrient analysis software specifically designed for personal home use and educational use. It is a core part of the FoodChoices® Curriculum Resource for secondary schools.

With FoodChoices® you can:

  • Analyse your food diaries, meal plans and recipes
  • Compare your food diary or meal plan to the nutrient reference values for Australia and New Zealand
  • Compare your food diary or meal plan to your own nutrition goals
  • See the contribution of each food to the nutritional value of a food diary, meal plan or recipe
  • Add foods and recipes that can then be used in your food diaries, meal plans and recipes
  • Use the most recent Australian food data from Food Standards Australian New Zealand
  • Search for foods high or low in a specific nutrient
  • Create simple nutrient information panels
  • Create reports in Microsoft® Word.

FoodChoices® offers:

  • Quick and easy data entry
  • Everyday food measures (e.g. cups and spoons) as well as weight measures
  • Nutrient analyses that are displayed graphically and updated as you work

FoodChoices® is a specially modified version of FoodWorks® , nutrient analysis software widely used in the health sector, the food industry, and in tertiary education and research.



FoodChoices® Curriculum Resource

Help your students to make healthy food choices by using the FoodChoices® software in your secondary classroom. A subscription to the FoodChoices® Curriculum Resource includes a site license for FoodChoices® and a wealth of teaching ideas and supporting resources.

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